The Histology of Fishes

By Frank Kirschbaum, Krzysztof Formicki, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF

The histology of fishes

The Histology of Fishes, The science of fine structure, development, and function of tissues and organs is histology [Greek histós ‘tissue’, ‘fabric’ and logos ‘word’, ‘science’]. The beginning of histology started with the invention of the first compound microscope at the end of the 16th century. Histology as an independent discipline of science separated in the early 20th century from descriptive anatomy. Since then, huge progress has occurred due to the development of new microscopes (transmission and scanning electron microscopy, confocal microscopes) and research and staining techniques (histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence techniques) (see Chapter 1, Introduction to Histological Techniques) with a concomitant increase of our understanding of the fine structure and function of tissues and organs. Fish Histology, From Cells to Organs, 2nd Edition

It was our conviction that this complexity of new techniques and results in histology could only be demonstrated in a multi-author book of many specialists in the field sharing their knowledge and experience. Thus, a book with 18 chapters comprising the work of 28 authors and co-authors from 10 countries arose. We must admit that we sometimes underestimated the task and time in order to motivate all our colleagues to meet the deadlines.

An additional intention of this monograph was the integration of functional aspects and a comparative view on the diversity of histological features of fishes (actually more than 30.000 species described) with their amazing ecological specializations. To match with these expectations we also encouraged the authors to compile very detailed lists of references and to produce high quality figures. We therefore believe that this monograph with its eighteen chapters represents a useful compilation of the actual state-of-the-art of histology helpful for scientists and students in many disciplines. Though this monograph treats normal histology it will be useful as a guideline for fish pathology and fish histopathology.

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