Parasitic Infections of Domestic Animals: A Diagnostic Manual

Parasitic Infections of Domestic Animals: A Diagnostic Manual, The present manual is intended as a tool for the identification of cosmopolitan parasites affecting domestic animals.

Parasitic Infections of Domestic Animals: A Diagnostic Manual

Special attention has been paid to imported or autochthonous parasitic infections occurring in African livestock, including dromedaries. In the course of compiling this work, a summary was made of the activities of some 300 institutions (national veterinary health departments, research institutes, universities, private enterprises etc.) dealing with the research, diagnosis and control of parasitic dis-eases in Africa. Both francophone and anglophone literature has been considered.

Laboratories dealing with the diagnosis of parasitic diseases need to rely on well-furnished libraries in order to cover the vast spectrum of parasites causing disease. Nevertheless, many laboratories, especially those m developing countries, do not have access to such resources.

It is for such situations – when technical information is needed but no library is avail-able – that this manual was designed. It contains, in condensed form, all the information, necessary for a rapid and accurate diagnosis of parasitic infections of domestic animals.

Disease may be initiated either by adult parasites or by their immature stages and very often the identification of a particular parasite is based on morphological details, to which special attention has been paid in this manual. Histopathological sections have been included where pathological alterations need to be elucidated. Indirect diagnosis by immunological techniques is indicated where it plays a practical role. These techniques are described in the initial chapter, METHODS.

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