Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Handling in Veterinary Practice

by Inmaculada Pérez Madrigal, Patricia Smith, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF

Stress, compassion fatigue and burnout handling in veterinary practice

There is a need to publicize the syndromes occurring inveterinary personnel due to work-related stress. Vets are apathetic or leaving the profession. It is vital for their emotional health that they know about these syndromes and the importance of seeking help early on. The up-to-date compilation of studies gives a clinical and human vision of these challenges based on the authors’ experience.

Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Handling in Veterinary Practice presents a comprehensive look at the challenges facing the veterinary field today. It is now recognized that caring for animals can create mental, physical, and spiritual trauma for those working in veterinary practice. Worldwide, veterinarians are experiencing high levels of distressing symptoms that are causing them to leave the profession, and even more alarming, to consider suicide as a means to end the intense suffering they feel for the work they once regarded as their “calling.”

Along with presenting an historical perspective of the pathologies causing harm, we provide thirteen chapters with in-depth descriptions of burnout, compassion fatigue, stress, and vicarious trauma. Along with strategies to manage the symptoms, we’ve included self-care exercises and self-tests to help measure stress levels. Ten Steps to Building a Successful Veterinary Practice

As you read through Stress Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Handling, remember that change does not come easily. It takes time, dedication, and energy. Doing the work to lower stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue isn’t easy, but it is well worth the time and effort. As with anything of value in life, you will be called to become more self-aware, adapt to some new ways of thinking, and stay firm in your commitment to the goals you set out for yourself.

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