Veterinary Parasitology 5th Edition

By Domenico Otranto, Richard Wall

Veterinary parasitology, 5th edition

Veterinary Parasitology 5th Edition PDF, The definitive reference for identification, diagnosis, and treatment in veterinary parasitology.

Veterinary Parasitology serves as a comprehensive reference on the subject for both specialists and general practitioners. The fifth edition has undergone significant updates to reflect recent advances in research and medical practice. It has been restructured and now more accessible and user-friendly. For ease of reference, the new edition is divided by parasite taxonomy and host species including dogs and cats, equids, cattle, sheep, ungulates, birds, exotics, and laboratory animals. This important field contributes to protecting animal health and welfare, preventing economic losses, ensuring food safety, safeguarding public health, and is an essential component of the One Health approach. As such, the authors cover all major aspects of veterinary parasitology, including biology, diagnostic techniques, drugs, and effective vaccines.

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Readers of the fifth edition of Veterinary Parasitology will also find:

  • Detailed new contents on the biological life cycles of parasites
  • Video-based practical guides to the diagnosis in veterinary parasitology,
  • New figures and images to facilitate the reader experience
  • Modification of taxonomic names based on molecular advances
  • Coverage of new approaches to control and distribution of parasites.

Parasites constitute some of the most common cases in veterinary medicine and Veterinary Parasitology is the ideal reference for students and practitioners seeking an easy-to-use listing of all parasites of importance in veterinary practice. It will also appeal to veterinary parasitology specialists and researchers.

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