Diseases of Small Domestic Rodents 2nd Edition

by Virginia C. G. Richardson, Year 2003, File Type: PDF

Diseases of small domestic rodents 2nd edition

Small rodents are popular pets and this edition introduces two new rodents, the degu and the jird. As general practitioners we are called upon not only to treat their diseases, but also to advise on their health, husbandry and nutrition.

Many of the diseases we encounter are the result of improper husbandry, so if we can advise on proper care and management of these pets we may be able to prevent at least a proportion of the conditions we see in practice.

The aim of this book is to provide readily accessible and practical information about the upkeep of these species as pets, rather than as laboratory animals. It is hoped that it will be of help to veterinary surgeons in general practice, and to anyone who shares an interest in these smaller companion animals. Each self-contained species section is divided into three chapters. Get Now: Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary 5th Edition

Although this has necessitated some repetition, I feel it is more useful to keep each section species specific. In the ‘Systems and Diseases’ chapters, drug treatments are referenced in brackets and, for each species, these treatments are detailed, providing dose rates and the components of proprietary preparations, which should enable alternatives to be found if necessary.

Every effort has been made to ensure that all the dose rates are accurate; however, many drugs do not have specific licenses for use in small rodents and dose rates given in the literature may have been extrapolated from larger mammals. Small rodents have higher metabolic rates and may metabolise drugs faster, thus requiring a higher dose rate and dosing frequency than larger mammals.

Due care and sensible judgment must be taken when administering any drugs to rodents, remembering that, where possible, licensed products should be selected before non-licensed alternatives. Throughout the book I have tried to include as much practical advice as possible, including remedies that have been tried and tested by hobbyists and pet keepers themselves (old-wives’ remedies perhaps), because they have a definite place alongside modern medicine

Not so long ago, hamsters, gerbils and mice were the only rodents kept as pets. Now the variety of rodents and the increasing popularity of these small creatures kept as pets has grown considerably. Since the last edition of Diseases of Small Domestic Rodents, two more rodents have been added to this book and become favourites among pet owners – the degu and the jird.

As well as two new chapters on jirds and degus, this book has been fully revised and updated to reflect current developments in the treatment and knowledge of diseases in small rodents. With specific sections on anaesthesia and detailed information on drug treatments, Diseases of Small Domestic Rodents is the definitive reference book for students, breeders and practitioners alike.

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