Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd Edition

by Beth Vanhorn, Published: 2021, FileType: PDF

Veterinary assisting fundamentals and applications, 2nd edition

Vanhorn’s VETERINARY ASSISTING: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, 2ND EDITION, equips you with the knowledge and skills you need for success in real-world practice. Offering step-by-step explanations, the text begins with the basics of veterinary medical terminology and office procedures before advancing to more advanced skills, such as anatomy, restraint, nursing care, radiology and surgical assisting. Comprehensive coverage of animal production and management includes companion, large and exotic animals, while a separate section focuses on general anatomy and physiology of each body system — along with related disease processes. Clinical scenarios vividly illustrate exactly how chapter concepts apply on the job. Also available, the MindTap digital solution propels you from memorization to mastery with its flexible anywhere, anytime learning tools. Textbook for the Veterinary Assistant 2nd Edition

The organization of this text is based on the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America Approved Veterinary Assistant (NAVTA AVA) Essential Skills for Assistant Training curriculum. This includes business management skills, communication skills, safety procedures, hospital procedures, pharmacy skills, surgical assisting, nursing care, laboratory procedures, and radiology skills. The text includes topics related to small animals, large animals, production animals, and exotic and zoo animal species. The chapters are structured as follows:

Section I: Practice Management and Client Relations
Section II: Veterinary Animal Production
Section III: General Anatomy/Physiology and Disease Processes
Section IV: Clinical Procedures

Each section is broken down into significant chapters that address essential skills and curricula for veterinary assistants, veterinary technicians, veterinary receptionists, kennel attendants, groomers, animal health herd managers, practice managers, and agricultural educators.

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