Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry 1st Edition

By Peter P. Emily, Edward R. Eisner, Published June, 2021, FileType: PDF

Zoo and wild animal dentistry 1st edition

A comprehensive guide to oral pathology and dental therapy for captive and wild animals, Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry is the first book to offer a comprehensive reference to oral pathology and dental therapy in captive and wild exotic animals. Comprehensive in scope, the book is authored by noted experts on the topic who cover dental care for a broad range of species with an emphasis on oral health. Designed as a practical resource for treating exotic animals, the book is filled with instructive photographs and illustrations that clearly depict pathologies and demonstrate techniques.

The book draws on the editors’ and contributors’ years of experience with exotic animals to offer a reliable resource to the history of veterinary dentistry, information on the evolution of teeth, practical dental therapeutics, and oral descriptions for each of the more than three hundred species included in the book. Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry covers a wide range of zoo and wild species, including cats, bears, primates, dogs, raccoons, weasels, hyenas, marsupials, herbivores, edentates, sea mammals, birds, reptiles, and more. This important resource:

  • Offers a comprehensive reference to oral pathology and dental therapy in captive and wild animals
  • Highlights oral health to promote overall health
  • Includes information on the most recent advances in the field
  • Contains a groundbreaking resource for the dental care of exotic animals

Written for zoo and wildlife caretakers and veterinarians, veterinary dentists, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students, Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry is a practical resource that has information for the dental care of a wide range of animal species that are all too often neglected. Read More: Invertebrate Medicine, 2nd Edition

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