March 31, 2020

Veterinary Terminologies frequently used to designate body parts of organs

Veterinary Terminologies 

Veterinary Medical Terminologies
Terminologies used in veterinary practice are given below, hope it will help you.

Organ/Body partMedical terminology
AnusAnal, ano-
ArmBrachial, brachio-
BloodHem-, hemo-, hemat-
ChestThoracic, thorax, thoraco
EarAuricle, oto-
EyeOcular, oculo-, ophthalmo-
FootPedal, ped-, -pod
GallbladderChole-, chol-
HeadCephalic, cephalo-
HeartCarium, cardiac, cardio-
IntestinesCecum, colon, duodenum, ileum, jejunum
KidneyRenal, nephric, nephro-
LipCheil-, labi-
LiverHepatic, hepato
LungsPulmonary, pulmonic
MouthOral, os, stoma, stomat-
NeckCervix, cervical, cervico-
SkinDerma, integumentum
StomachGastric, gastro-
TesticleOrchio-, orchi-, orchido-
Urinary bladderCysti-, cysto-
UterusHystero-, metra
VaginaVulvo, vaginal

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