Veterinary Terminologies frequently used to designate body parts of organs

Veterinary terminologies frequently used to designate body parts of organs

Terminologies used in veterinary practice are given below, hope it will help you.

Organ/Body part Medical terminology
Air Pneumo
Anus Anal, ano-
Arm Brachial, brachio-
Blood Hem-, hemo-, hemat-
Chest Thoracic, thorax, thoraco
Ear Auricle, oto-
Eye Ocular, oculo-, ophthalmo-
Foot Pedal, ped-, -pod
Gallbladder Chole-, chol-
Head Cephalic, cephalo-
Heart Carium, cardiac, cardio-
Intestines Cecum, colon, duodenum, ileum, jejunum
Kidney Renal, nephric, nephro-
Lip Cheil-, labi-
Liver Hepatic, hepato
Lungs Pulmonary, pulmonic
Mouth Oral, os, stoma, stomat-
Muscle Myo-
Neck Cervix, cervical, cervico-
Penis Penile
Rectum Rectal
Skin Derma, integumentum
Stomach Gastric, gastro-
Testicle Orchio-, orchi-, orchido-
Urinary bladder Cysti-, cysto-
Uterus Hystero-, metra
Vagina Vulvo, vaginal

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