Veterinary Terminologies frequently used to designate body parts of organs

Veterinary Terminologies 

Veterinary Medical Terminologies
Terminologies used in veterinary practice are given below, hope it will help you.

Organ/Body part Medical terminology
Air Pneumo
Anus Anal, ano-
Arm Brachial, brachio-
Blood Hem-, hemo-, hemat-
Chest Thoracic, thorax, thoraco
Ear Auricle, oto-
Eye Ocular, oculo-, ophthalmo-
Foot Pedal, ped-, -pod
Gallbladder Chole-, chol-
Head Cephalic, cephalo-
Heart Carium, cardiac, cardio-
Intestines Cecum, colon, duodenum, ileum, jejunum
Kidney Renal, nephric, nephro-
Lip Cheil-, labi-
Liver Hepatic, hepato
Lungs Pulmonary, pulmonic
Mouth Oral, os, stoma, stomat-
Muscle Myo-
Neck Cervix, cervical, cervico-
Penis Penile
Rectum Rectal
Skin Derma, integumentum
Stomach Gastric, gastro-
Testicle Orchio-, orchi-, orchido-
Urinary bladder Cysti-, cysto-
Uterus Hystero-, metra
Vagina Vulvo, vaginal

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