Portugal Dog Bobi Breaks Record for World Oldest Dog Ever

Bobi, a 30-year-old, won the title from a US young dog in a surprising upset. Bobi’s longevity is attributed to a diet of human food and a peaceful living environment.

Portugal dog bobi breaks record for world oldest dog ever


Bobi is a Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed with a lifespan of 12-14 years. At 30 years and 226 days old, Bobi is recognized as the World Oldest Dog Ever by the Portuguese government’s pet database, validated by Guinness World Records. He has lived his entire life with the Costa family in Conqueiros and was saved from being put down as a puppy.

Leonel and his brothers kept Bobi’s existence hidden until he became a beloved member of their family, who feed him human food. According to Mr. Costa, Bobi prefers their food to animal food and has lived a relatively healthy life in a calm environment. He attributes Bobi’s longevity to this peaceful environment and perhaps genetics, as Bobi’s mother lived to 18.

Although Bobi now struggles with mobility and vision, Mr. Costa considers him “one of a kind” and the last of the Costa family’s long line of pets. Bobi was recently named the oldest dog ever by Guinness World Records, surpassing the previous record holder, Bluey, and previously named oldest living dog, Spike the Chihuahua.

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