Veterinary Clinical Procedures in Large Animal Practice 2nd Edition PDF. Intended for students enrolled in a veterinary technology program, Veterinary Clinical Procedures in Large Animal Practice, Second Edition, addresses these issues clearly and concisely within the framework of a hands-on, practical approach.

Veterinary Clinical Procedures in Large Animal Practice 2nd Edition PDF

Veterinary Clinical Procedures In Large Animal Practice 2nd Edition PDF

With this goal in mind, each section in the book builds upon the previous one, introducing basic information first before progressing to more advanced topics.

SECTION I – This section provides the necessary background for performing the procedures introduced later in the book as well as honing essential hands-on skills. It explains various rope materials and proper maintenance and demonstrates how to tie common knots used in large animal restraint (Chapter 1). This section also introduces other tools and methods used in restraint and the guidelines and recommendations for the use of each (Chapter 2). Finally, it reviews the proper procedures for the daily care of large animals (Chapter 3).

SECTION II – This section dives into the details of physical examination and provides animal-specific information related to questions that may arise based on the type and the health of the large animal. It includes information on history taking, patient observation, reproductive-specific procedures, and examination for legal purposes (Chapter 4).

SECTION III – This section walks through typical sample collection ( Chapter 5) and clinical procedures (Chapter 6) encountered in large animal practice. Every Procedure introduced offers information specific to each large animal. In addition, information specific to each large animal neonate is covered separately in another chapter (Chapter 7) due to the unique needs of newly born animals.

Featuring a unique presentation of the content and a practical, hands-on approach, this book offers the following:

• Detailed procedures related to the care of sheep, including handling and restraint, blood collection, parenteral drug administration, liver biopsy, and scrapie testing.
• Current information related to each large animal keeps readers apprised of the latest techniques in large animal practice.
• Expanded coverage on handling dairy cattle during physical examinations includes a new step-by-step explanation for operating a stanchion.
• Expanded coverage of goats includes information on blood collection, a new step-by-step explanation on urethral catheterization, and a review of injection sites.
• Current information related to horses includes a new step-by-step explanation for microchip (RFID) implantation for clients who prefer a permanent, positive method of identification.

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