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Primary veterinary anatomy by r.k ghosh pdf

Anatomy deals with the study of biological structures. Veterinary Anatomy is concerned with the structure and forms of the organs and tissues of principal domestic animals and birds. Generally this subject! is studied on comparative basis. However, the biological structures may be studied in different forms. In Gross anatomy the structures are studied after dissection, with the help of naked eye only. Histology or Microscopic anatomy deals with the study of finer details of the structures of various issues and of different organs. The process of differentiation, growth and development of an organ or structure comes under Embryology or Developmental anatomy.

When this science of structure and forms of various organ systems of a body are studied in close correlation with the Physiology, makes the foundation of the whole of Medicine and life science.

There are many ways by which Gross anatomy can be studied. Some of the important methods are as follows:

1. Systemic Anatomy-Here the structures of particular organ system arc studied serially without going to the details of the surrounding structures.

2.Topographic Anatomy or Surface Anatomy-In this method the principal structures or organs of any part of the body are described in relation to a definite and limited area of the surface.

3. Surgical Anatomy-This is an applied part of the subject where the structures of some specific sites are studied for application in surgical practice.

4.Rarliological Anatomy-Here the structures of the body are studied with the help of X-ray. Ultrasonography or MRI may be useful for studying anatomy of any animal in any desired plane. C.T. scan is also another similar device for studying this subject in normal and altered physiological condition.

5. Comparative Anatomy-In this method, analogous structures of different species of animals are studied on comparative basis.

Besides these, a variety of other methods arc used to study the subject, e.g., Zoological Anatomy , Philosophical Anatomy , etc.

Broadly there are three divisions of Anatomy

  1. Histology or microscopic Anatomy.
  2. Embryology or the developmental Anatomy.
  3. Gross or naked eye Anatomy.

In this book only the Systemic gross anatomy of principal domestic animals and birds arc presented on comparative  basis keeping cow as 1he model animal of study.

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