Vaccine Design Methods and Protocols Volume 2: Vaccines for Veterinary Diseases PDF. Vaccine Design: Methods and Protocols is a practical guide providing step-by-step protocol to design and develop vaccines.

Vaccine Design Methods and Protocols Volume 2: Vaccines for Veterinary Diseases PDF

Vaccine Design Methods And Protocols Volume 2 Vaccines For Veterinary Diseases PDF (2)

The purpose of the book is to help volcanologists develop novel vaccines for diseases that are yet to have vaccines based on currently available vaccination protocols and strategies. The book will provide protocols for developing novel vaccines against infectious bacteria, viruses, and parasites for humans and animals as well as vaccines for cancer, allergy, and substance abuse.

The book also contains chapters on how antigenic proteins for vaccines should be selected and designed in silico, vectors for producing recombinant antigenic proteins, and the production of antigenic proteins in plant systems. Most vaccinologists are not aware of the intellectual property (IP) of vaccines, the importance of patents before commercialization, and what components of vaccines could be patented; hence chapters on these aspects are also included in the book. The book also contains a chapter on the regulatory evaluation and testing requirements for vaccines.

The Methods in Molecular Biology™ series Vaccine Design: Methods and Protocols contains 103 chapters in two volumes. Volume 1, Vaccines for Human Diseases, has an introductory section on how vaccines impact diseases, the immunological mechanism of vaccines, and future challenges for vaccinologists and current trends in vaccinology. The design of human vaccines for viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and prion diseases as well as vaccines for drug abuse, allergy, and tumor are also described in this volume. Volume 2, Vaccines for Veterinary Diseases, includes vaccines for farm animals and fishes, vaccine vectors and production, vaccine delivery systems, vaccine bioinformatics, vaccine regulation, and intellectual property.

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