Gracey’s Meat Hygiene 11th Edition PDF. The aim of the book’s authors is to maintain the standard of the previous edition and to produce a textbook which is of practical use to the veterinarian working in the slaughter and meat processing industry.

Gracey’s Meat Hygiene 11th Edition PDF

Gracey’s Meat Hygiene 11th Edition PDF

The world of meat hygiene has undergone a lot of changes since the publication of tenth edition in 1999. While we have introduced the concepts of ‘system control’ and integrated food safety management, we have kept this to a high level and attempted to keep clear of the legislation which is subject to frequent change.

We have chosen to remove much of the text in the previous edition on animal disease, which is covered more comprehensively in other texts. In chapters on microbiology and pathology, we have also provided details that the front-line veterinarian should know and again concentrated on principles rather than specific detail.

While building on the work of those who have contributed to the previous editions, we have introduced new authors and new chapters to the book to reflect current trends. Chris Loughney builds on the work of Stan Brown in updating the sanitation chapter, Malcolm Taylor assisted with the editing of the work of Bill Reilly and others on microbiology and Glenn Kennedy produced a completely new chapter, with a new approach on the complex area of residues of veterinary medicines and contaminants.

Reflecting the increasing importance and changes in the priorities of society, Rosemary Lee has produced a comprehensive chapter on health and safety for all staff working in the potentially hazardous environment of the meat slaughter establishment. Her practical and authoritative text is a must read for all with a responsibility for management of staff in this workplace.

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