Textbook of Small Animal Emergency Medicine (2 Volume Set) By Kenneth J. Drobatz , Kate Hopper , Elizabeth A. Rozanski , Deborah C. Silverstein December 2018. In the early to mid 1980’s, the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care was published once or twice per year with very few manuscripts included.

Textbook of Small Animal Emergency Medicine 2 Volumes

Textbook of small animal emergency medicine 2 volumes

Textbook of Small Animal Emergency Medicine 2 Volumes PDF, There just sim-ply was not much clinical evidence for veterinary emergency and critical care. There was no emergency specialty and ICU was run mostly by anesthesiologists. This struck me as strange, because when would you really want a specialist? When a life is on the line! Yet, here veterinary medicine was, similar to our MD colleagues years before that, where emergency was filled in mostly by people who were moonlighting and not really specialists in this area. Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine 8th Edition PDF

Now, let’s fast-forward to today. JVECCS is a highly respected and frequently published clinical journal. The specialty has exploded with 639 diplomates, 69 approved residencies, and 176 residents in training along with numerous specialty internships. There are rigorous standards for veterinary emergency and critical centers. The ACVECC is a financially strong and still rapidly growing college. The IVECCS is one of the most highly attended and respected continuing education meetings in the world. Yet, despite all of this, there is no rigorous, evidence-based emergency medicine textbook. There are numerous excellent clinical emergency manuals but no real formal textbook. Deborah Silverstein’s and Kate Hopper’s Small Animal Critical Care textbook provided a rigorous format of excellent information for practicing in the ICU and has been the “go to” book for many experts practicing ICU medicine. Yet, there is no similarly formatted textbook for emergency medicine.

When putting this book together, we instructed the authors to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based emergency medicine information and combine that with their anecdotal expertise. We wanted the information to not only be cutting edge but provide physiology and pharmacological principles that are rigorous but clinically relevant. In reading this book cover to cover, I am impressed by what these chapter authors have done. It is truly remarkable and it reflects the rigor and high standards that this specialty has developed. I cannot thank them enough for their conscientious efforts, time, and energy. All of us editors are extremely grateful.

This book will provide you with a wealth of useful clinical information backed by clinical evidence and sound pathophysiological reasoning. Being my passion, I feel this area of veterinary medicine deserves nothing less.

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