Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine 8th Edition PDF. The textbook is presented in a manner that reflects clinical veterinary medicine. The very first chapters present the true fundamentals of our professional work.

Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine 8th Edition

Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine 8th Edition PDF

The 8th edition brings on major changes. Our greatest pride could be the more than 300 authors who agreed to contribute; or maybe it is the more than 20 countries that our authors call home; or perhaps it rests in the hundreds of original videos and innumerable additional diagrams and other digital media that make this a vibrant book.

It could be the true skill of authors, which is revealed in their ability to capture the most important, newest, relevant material for the reader of this textbook—sorting out what matters, and presenting it clearly, without fluff or embellishment. As all will appreciate, it is all these and more. Sections follow on the differential diagnosis for clients’ chief concerns and reasons for seeking veterinary care, physical examination abnormalities, and clinicopathologic abnormalities. The latter section is entirely new and it integrates laboratory testing with clinical medicine through detailed differential diagnoses, and explanations of the physiology of different analytes.

These are followed by a section that includes virtually all the procedures needed to further clarify or confirm a diagnosis: the core techniques that define veterinary internal medicine, ranging from feeding tube placement and cerebrospinal fluid collection to electromyography and hyperbaric medicine. Another new section consists of 6 chapters on interventional therapies; these urologic, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and other procedures are at the forefront of small animal therapeutics today.

Disease-specific chapters have been comprehensively updated or rewritten altogether. The book concludes with a new section that acknowledges that diseases do not always exist in isolation. This Comorbidities section identifies pairs of diseases that involve diametrically opposing treatment requirements and make some complex internal medicine cases especially challenging.

In the past we have not had section editors for this textbook and we have continued this approach into the 8th edition. However, we recognized that there are a growing number of outstanding experts in the profession today. As editors, we cannot know all of these individuals.

Thus, we have called upon some of our friends and colleagues to help provide names of potential authors for their specific areas of expertise, and to review the proposed chapter titles as representative of the field. We are most grateful to these colleagues who spent time and effort helping us this way.

In some cases, new authors were veterinarians that we knew, but in others we were offered an extensive list of new names, and we are delighted to have been able to call upon them as well to contribute to the book. To our section advisors, we are most appreciative for your assistance. Specifically, we would like to thank Drs. Vanessa Barrs, Joe Bartges, Leah Cohn, Ronaldo da Costa, Autumn Davidson, Lisa Freeman, Ann Hohenhaus, Safdar Khan, Mark Papich, Jörg Steiner, Harriett Syme, Jane Sykes, David Twedt, and David Vail.

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