Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases PDF

By S. R. Prabhu, Published: 2023, FileType: PDF

Sexually transmissible oral diseases pdf

Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases PDF, A Detailed Description of Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases Relevant to Dental Practice. Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases delivers an expert and comprehensive description of sexually transmissible oral diseases encountered in clinical dental practice. This book features contributions from more than 20 international experts representing the disciplines of oral medicine, sexual health, infectious diseases, microbiology, community medicine, and dermatology. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats

Divided into three relevant sections, readers will find:

  • An overview of the etiology, epidemiology, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS.
  • Details on risky sexual behaviors and their impact on oral health, including the risk of sexually transmissible diseases associated with oral sex.
  • Detailed descriptions of oral manifestations of sexually transmissible infections.
  • Diagnostic and treatment strategies for oral healthcare professionals in the dental setting.
  • Clinical images that complement the user-friendly patient-focused approach of the book.

Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases is ideal for dental practitioners, oral medicine specialists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dental hygienists, oral health therapists, and dental educators. The book will also earn a place in medical and dental libraries as a recommended reference book for dental students, medical students, and students of other health professions.

This book has 18 chapters grouped in three sections. The first provides an overview including the global STD burden, its impact of on public health and the role of healthcare professionals in the prevention of STDs. Section 2 deals with oral and genital mucosa with respect to their structure and associated microbiota, and highlights the impact of risky sexual behaviours such as oral sex on oral and general health. Section 3 provides detailed information on the oral manifestations of sexually transmissible diseases and those opportunistic infections and neoplasms commonly encountered in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease. Though oropharyngeal infectious mononucleosis and oral candidosis are not primarily sexually transmitted, they are included in Section 3 because of their frequent co‐presentation.

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