Artificial Insemination and Animal Production

By J.D. Sampath Kumaran, Published: 2015, FileType: PDF

Artificial insemination and animal production

Artificial Insemination and Animal Production, During recent years, the science of the Physiology of Reproduction has made notable progress. Many significant results have furnished rational bases for important breeding practices. Concurrently with these developments a great interest has been evinced in the subject of artificial insemination, which, by definition means, the deposition of the semen from a male into the female genitalia during estrus, by mechanical means rather than by the direct service of the respective male. Dairy Animal Production

The literature relating to artificial insemination has be-come so extensive that it will not be possible to present a comprehensive review, however, it shall be the purpose in this chapter to review and summarize pertinent investigations concerning this subject.

According to the report of de-Bon cited by Heape (1897) and Loesse (1934), there is evidence to show that artificial insemination was practiced by Arab horse-breeders, as far back as, 700 Hegira or 1322 A. D. It is recorded that an Arab chieftain inseminated his prize mare by stealthily collecting the semen from the sheath of a stallion belonging to an enemy chieftain.

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