Dairy Animal Production

By Biswajit Ro, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF

Dairy Animal Production

In this book, an attempt has been made to introduce both the science and practice of dairy animal production for the students, teachers, progressive farmers and extension workers. Any book which attempt to cover the needs of much a wide range of people must have their limitations as far as any one group of persons is concerned. It is hoped however that all those who read these books will find some guidance and instruction which will enable them to improve their knowledge and understanding of the management and production of dairy animals.

Sub Continent is known for its rich cattle and buffalo wealth. Over the last few years India remains number one in milk production in the world. However, per animal productivity is still low. Low productivity is contributed by multiple factors like poor genetic make up, insufficient feed and fodder availability, adverse climatic condition, unscientific managemental practices and many more factors. In monetary term, milk is the single largest commodity, ahead of rice and wheat among the subsectors of agriculture in India. Till date dairy sector is not getting proper support and attention, although it contributes to the health and nutrition of the people as well as employment of the large number of people in India. There is a tremendous scope for improvement of the dairy sector.

The available information related to dairy animal production and management are too descriptive and much theory orientated. Few books are available especially on dairy animal production. This book deals specifically with basic managemental aspects of dairy animal in the context of Indian subcontinent. The information’s are carefully selected and presented in concise manner and to the point. The entire book has been prepared in most simple, clear and talking language for easy understanding.

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