The Goat: A Natural and Cultural History

By Sue Weaver, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF

The Goat A Natural and Cultural History

It may come as no surprise that goats are highly intelligent. They are also curious, gentle, independent, social, and full of character. Among the first domesticated animals, goats are increasingly appreciated today as pets and for their adaptability to a wide variety of environmental conditions. The Goat is a comprehensive, illustrated exploration of the natural and cultural history of this important animal. With engaging text, infographics, and diagrams, and some 250 beautiful color photographs, the book offers a wealth of information and insights about the goat’s distinctive biology and place in human culture, from ancient times to today. Chapters on Domestication, Anatomy & Biology, Society & Behavior, Goat Management, and Goats & People are followed by a visually stunning photographic directory to forty-eight popular breeds, with information about each. The Goat will enchant anyone with an interest in, or a love for, these animals.

  • Provides a comprehensive, illustrated introduction to the natural and cultural history of the goat
  • Features clear and engaging text plus infographics, diagrams, and some 250 stunning color photographs
  • Includes chapters on Domestication, Anatomy & Biology, Society & Behavior, Goat Management, and Goats & People, as well as a photographic directory to forty-eight popular breeds

There is little about goats, if anything at all, that you will not find in this book, and the photographs are at once delightful and a perfect accompaniment to a lively, well-written text.

It is incredibly comprehensive in scope, and the topics are super interesting. The author did extensive research, and explores such subjects as how goats came to be domesticated by humans, various aspects of goat anatomy, how goat “society” works and what their various behaviors mean, how to care for and train goats, the function of goats in societies throughout the world and across time, goats’ role in mythology, etc.

About 50 pages of the book are dedicated to an exploration of goat breeds, both common and more exotic. The author provides information on origins, appearance, and behavior of each breed, along with gorgeous illustrative photographs. Although scholarly in tone, the writing is so engaging that I didn’t want to put the book down. All of this is complemented by incredible illustrations of all kinds: photographs (both modern and vintage), beautiful works of art, and clear and useful informational drawings and diagrams. If you have a goat lover in your life, this would make a terrific gift. If you are a “crazy goat lady” like me (or goat guy!) you most definitely will find many delights within this book’s pages.

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