Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care

Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care, As many others would have, I felt pity for the small and quite nervous animal. He was left all alone, even though at his young age he should have been together with his mother and siblings.

Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care

Rabbit Behaviour Health And Care

I couldn’t leave him, and so Petter came home with me. I had been raised with dogs, cats and rats, but had no experience with rabbits. I also had no idea how hard it would be to obtain correct knowledge on the species, but most of all I was seduced by the little gentleman. His distinct personality and presence gave me an insight into the species’ potential, we attained a close relationship, and he is the reason why I ended up educating rabbit people.

This 225-paged book is devoted to behaviour, health and care of rabbits. It has twelve chapters which discuss the origins and development of rabbits, the rabbit as a companion animal, behaviour, learning and communication, social rabbits, from snout to tail, rabbit nutrition, neutering, cleanliness and hygiene, rabbit housing and conditions, house rabbits and rabbit-proofing of the home, life outdoors, reproduction and breeding control.

Rabbits are the third most common domestic animals after dogs and cats. They are also one of the most misunderstood and underrated animals. Unfortunately, a lot of rabbits suffer due to lack of and incorrect knowledge amongst both pet owners and veterinarians, and rabbits’ health and behavioural needs are rarely met.

The rabbit’s history as livestock is probably why many still are kept in unsuitable hutches with a diet and lifestyle that are unsuitable for the rabbit’s health and welfare. In addition, rabbits are a species that fill numerous different roles worldwide. They are hated as pests and loved as pets. They are bunnies in cartoons and celebrated in children books, they are bred and kept for their flesh and fur, and they are widely used as both laboratory animals and for entertainment. Regardless of how we classify them, all these rabbits have the same needs, and whatever category we put them in, they will suffer from poor husbandry and enjoy well-adapted living conditions.

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