The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver

The rabbit-raising problem solver : your questions answered about housing, feeding, behavior, health care, breeding, and kindling. So you just got yourself a rabbit (or five!), and suddenly have tons of questions: Will lettuce kill my bunny?

The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver

The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

Can I keep two rabbits in one cage so they can play together? How can I cure my rabbit’s stuffy nose? As a longtime breeder of Rex rabbits and the owner and webmaster of, I think I’ve heard, and personally answered, nearly every question about rabbits there could be.
This book contains answers for owners and raisers of all types of rabbits. Meat or fiber rabbits need the same basic care as family pets, because a rabbit is a rabbit no matter what its purpose. There are many ways to carry out your rabbit husbandry chores, and none of them are necessarily more correct than another — just different. What is most important is to understand the needs of the animals and to establish a system of rabbit care that best suits your particular rabbitry or personal schedule.

If the care you give your rabbits results in healthy, happy animals, then all is well. Back in the day, when unpreparedness might have been equated with airheadedness or foolishness, but never mistaken for cruelty, I made a few ill-informed choices. For example, I had no cages prepared for my first rabbits, which I impulsively acquired at age 15. I housed the rabbits in my enormous play-house while I broke out my dad’s tools and built proper hutches. My fascination and intrigue with these rabbits grew with every strike of the hammer.

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