Practical Color Genetics for Livestock Breeders

By D. Phillip Sponenberg, Published: 2021, FileType: PDF

Practical color genetics for livestock breeders

Practical Color Genetics for Livestock Breeders, For animal breeders colour coat genetics is one of the fundamental elements of breeding, along with health and conformation. Breeders need to know about colour coats for showing purposes and where the fibre is used in industry, for example sheep and alpaca wool. The science behind breeding for genetic traits is complex because of dominant and recessive traits. Because animals inherit two alleles for the base coat colour, it is possible that their phenotype, or visual appearance, does not reflect their underlying genotype. This book is a practical guide for breeders on the biology behind colour coats in large animals directing breeders on how to implement breeding strategies to achieve desired results.

This book is the fruit of decades of my interest in color genetics across a broad range of species. My interest began as a child with a project that lasted several years, breeding and raising guinea pigs. Careful records were kept, and after all those years the net profit was one dollar. But the real net gain was an abiding interest in genetics, color, and animal breeding that carried over into adulthood. My interests began to cover an ever-expanding list of species. The first published works involved horses, to which have been added goats, sheep, cattle, alpacas, and dogs. Genetics for Cat Breeders 2nd Edition

The color discussion group that formed around Shetland sheep has been especially inspirational and productive. Linda Wendleboe took a few early hunches and transformed them into especially convincing work on some of the lighter colors of that breed, and provided me with a wonderful wool sample which was the result of a multi-year breeding program.

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