Genetics for Cat Breeders 2nd Edition

by Roy Robinson, G. A. Kerkut, Published: 2015, FileType: PDF

Genetics for cat breeders 2nd edition

Genetics for Cat Breeders, Second Edition covers the considerable advances in the practical application of genetics to cat breeding. This book is divided into nine chapters and begins with a discussion of the elementary principles of heredity. The subsequent chapters deal with the practical aspects of feline reproduction and development and the main factors in the practice of cat breeding. Other chapters examine the genetics of feline color and coat variation and breeds.

These topics are followed by a review on the problem of genetic defects in cats. The last chapters considers the importance of record keeping in animal breeding, including providing an accurate record of familial relationship, information upon the phenotype characteristics and breeding performance, and a source of data for future decisions. This book will be of great value to biologists, cat breeders, and researchers. Natural Cat, The Comprehensive Guide to Optimum Care

In the preliminary chapters an endeavour is made to outline the ele­mentary principles of heredity. The theory has been subdued to a large extent in deference to the more practical considerations. Quite consider­able advances have been achieved in the practical application of genetics to the larger, economically regarded, livestock and these techniques may, with profit, be adapted to cat breeding. The cat may be thought of as “different”, especially in its psychological make-up, but its heredity differs little from other animals.

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