Veterinary Embryology 2nd Edition PDF

Veterinary Embryology 2nd Edition PDF. The first edition of Veterinary Embryology introduced under-graduate students to topics which explain the sequential stages of embryonic and foetal development.

Veterinary Embryology 2nd Edition PDF

Veterinary Embryology 2nd Edition PDF

Since its publication in 2006, many changes have taken place in veterinary embryology, some related to an improved understanding of  molecular features of embryology and others to rapid advances in the manipulation of embryonic cells, particularly stem cells. Embryology provides students with information on the development, structure, final form and relationships of tissues and organs.

Congenital anomalies and their associated clinical conditions can be more completely understood if the underlying factors regulating development are related to the pathological changes caused by genetic or chromosomal defects, by infectious agents or by environmental teratogens.

This book is concerned with developmental aspects of cells, tissues, organs and body systems of animals, principally mammals and avian species. Comparative aspects of human embryology are included in particular chapters. Colour has been used to enhance the quality of the illustrations and to facilitate the interpretation of complex diagrams.

Although intended primarily as a textbook for undergraduate veterinary students, this book may be of value to colleagues engaged in teaching embryology either as part of a veterinary curriculum or in courses related to animal science or developmental biology. Research scientists engaged in projects on toxicology, animal reproduction or allied topics may find particular chapters relevant to their fields of investigation.

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