Poultry Science 5th Edition

By Colin G. Scanes, Karen D. Christensen, Year 2019, File Type: PDF

Poultry science 5th edition

The production of poultry continues to make tremendous advances. This book is thoroughly revised to reflect this.
The book is intended for multiple audiences:

1. A textbook for introductory poultry classes for undergraduate students (overlooking the “Deeper Dive” sections), particularly in North America, but also throughout the world.
2. A textbook for senior undergraduate/graduate students (embracing the research-based “Deeper Dive” sections).
3. An overview of poultry production for business and engineering students entering the poultry industry.
4. A useful compendium for poultry professionals, small- and medium-sized producers of poultry and game birds, and future farmers. Get Now: Manual of Poultry Diseases

The utility of this textbook for introductory poultry classes is enhanced by the “Points for Discussion” sections. Moreover, the effectiveness of class instructors is undergirded by the research-based “Deeper Dive” sections.

Areas covered include global poultry production; commercial poultry production; poultry business organization; and production of meat chickens (broilers), turkeys, eggs, ducks, geese, game birds, and other poultry. In addition, chapters cover poultry biology, genetics, behavior, diseases/health, housing, ventilation, and processing.

New or greatly expanded sections cover biosecurity; poultry stress/welfare; feed additives; food safety; incubation; controlling pests; poultry waste and environmental issues; brooding; internships and applying for positions; and organic, free-range, and niche poultry production.

Book Name: Poultry Science 5th Edition
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