Manual of Small Animal Ophthalmology 2nd Edition, The first edition of this manual was very well received and we hope that the second edition will build on that success.

Manual of Small Animal Ophthalmology 2nd Edition

Manual of small animal ophthalmology 2nd edition

Since the first edition was published in 1993, veterinary ophthalmology has grown into a vibrant specialty but this does not mean that veterinary surgeons in general practice can abandon all pretense of mastering the complexities of ophthalmic examination -quite the contrary.

Examination of the eye is an art, the practical aspects of which many veterinary surgeons find difficult to perform effectively. This is unfortunate, for the eye offers a unique opportunity for diagnosis, not just of ocular disease but of disease elsewhere in the body. Ophthalmic examination, performed with the aid of a few simple instruments, often yield san accurate diagnosis, and repeated meticulous observation and record-keeping enable accurate monitoring of the progression, or regression, of ocular disease. The confidence that comes with experience allows key decisions to be made with regard to the best way of managing the case and early referral to a specialist may be one of the options to be considered.

A clear and concise guide to the examination of the eye is provided in the first section of Chapter 1 and is essential reading for those veterinary surgeons lacking confidence in their ophthalmic examination technique. Using the techniques described and the lists of differential diagnoses provided in Appendix I, it should be possible for ocular lesions to be identified and localised with precision. The relevant chapters can then be consulted for more detailed information. The second section of Chapter 1 describes imaging techniques and the third section outlines some of the laboratory investigations that can be selected in an attempt to establish a specific aetiology.

The Manual is intended as a practical consulting room guide to small animal ophthalmology, with suggestions of which conditions require specialist management. The subject is, however, covered in sufficient detail to satisfy those who wish to study this fascinating specialty in greater depth.

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