Ophthalmology of Exotic Pets, And yet these eyes have many differences in both their anatomy and their pathology: their appearance when normal and abnormal.

Ophthalmology of Exotic Pets

Ophthalmology of exotic pets

Let’s face it, if this were not the case there would honestly be no need for this book! From the differences in conjunctival responses to infectious organisms to the variation in vascular anatomy of the orbit in the rabbit as compared to that of the dog and cat we are more used to enucleating, it is vital to under-stand the variation in anatomy and physiology, in pharmacology and pathology between the eyes of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Indeed this could be replicated across body systems but not perhaps quite so dramatically as in the eye. There is a dichotomy in exotic animal veterinary medicine. On the one hand quite a substantial proportion of what we understand about the diseases of cats and dogs, their aetiopathology and their management can be extrapolated to help us deal with disease in less familiar species, be they raptors or rabbits. But on the other hand there are differences between hounds, hamsters and horned toads that make extrapolation without due care and attention potentially ineffective or even dangerous.

Hopefully this volume will aid in identifying where extrapolation from canine and feline ophthalmology can be made and where new information is necessary. We start with areas where extrapolation is possible, the first of these being the straightforward techniques of ocular examination, which may, in many cases, be transferred from conventional companion animal species. Even here though, differences exist.

Before we continue, however, it may be that this is an appropriate point to make two confessions. First some might complain that there are several areas of duplication in the text. The book is designed with the assumption that many will not read it through from cover to cover, but rather use it as a reference dipping in to specific ocular diseases in particular species. Thus several areas are necessarily somewhat duplicated to ensure that the information needed is presented in a readily accessible form. Second it might be necessary to give an apology to some for the wording of the title of this book ‘Ophthalmology of Exotic Pets’.

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