Manual of Canine and Feline Haematology and Transfusion Medicine 2nd Edition

by Michael J. Day, Barbara Kohn, Year 2012, FileType: PDF

Manual of canine and feline haematology and transfusion 2nd edition

It is now 11 years since the publication of the first edition of the Manual of Canine and Feline Haematology and Transfusion Medicine. Although topics covered in this manual overlap with the content of manuals in clinical pathology and emergency medicine, the first edition of this book was sold out and there is a clear demand for the more in-depth coverage of haematology that is provided herein.

The basic principles of haematology are still the core of the second edition, but these have been updated to discuss new diagnostic procedures and laboratory equipment, as well as new treatment strategies. We have invited a number of new authors to contribute to this second edition – either providing a fresh perspective on previous content or introducing new elements to the Manual.

There are new chapters on the anaemia of inflammation and neoplasia, on non-regenerative anaemia and on vascular thrombosis. In the years since publication of the first edition, the arthropod-transmitted infectious diseases of companion animals have become increasingly significant as they have extended their traditional endemic areas (e.g. within Northern Europe and North America) or have become important differential diagnoses in travelling pets. Download More: Canine and Feline Haematology and Transfusion Medicine

Most of these infectious diseases (e.g. leishmaniosis, babesiosis, monocytic ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis) have fundamental effects on the haemopoietic system, and haematological analysis is part of the first-line of diagnosis. These diseases are covered in detailed individual chapters. Another area in which there have been significant advances since the first edition is feline haemoplasmosis, and a completely revised chapter provides the latest information on these infectious agents.

The section on transfusion medicine has been reorganized and expanded in the second edition. Canine and feline blood groups are now discussed separately, together with the newly available in-practice diagnostic techniques for their identification. Canine and feline blood transfusion practice is also now considered in separate chapters and there is a new chapter on the use of blood substitutes.

The second edition of this manual has been made possible through the excellent and timely contributions of the chapter authors who are all internationally recognized specialists from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

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