Leadership in Veterinary Medicine 1st Edition

By Clive Elwood, Published: December 2021, FileType: PDF

Leadership in veterinary medicine 1st edition

Leadership in Veterinary Medicine provides both theoretical and practical information for veterinary professionals who are contemplating leadership or currently facing day-to-day leadership challenges. Veterinary Medicine 11th Edition

This much-needed book introduces and explores key leadership concepts in the veterinary context whilst encouraging self-reflection through real-world scenarios. Each chapter outlines a particular leadership concept or issue and includes a topic summary, discussion questions, full references and further reading suggestions. This thought-provoking text:

  • Explores the principal areas of leadership for both veterinary professionals and for those leading veterinary professionals
  • Discusses various leadership styles, competencies, behaviours and perspectives
  • Addresses topics such as leadership assessment, organisational dynamics, interpersonal communication, remote and virtual leadership, and collaboration skills
  • Assists readers in developing strategy, leading change, creating effective teams and improving staff engagement
  • Includes practical cases and examples highlighting challenges in veterinary leadership

Leadership in Veterinary Medicine is a must-read for all veterinary professionals in leadership posts, for those aspiring to be leaders and for instructors in veterinary schools and veterinary nursing training organisations.

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