Horses in Company 1st Edition

by Lucy Rees, Published August 2017, FileType: PDF

Horses in company 1st edition

Horses in Company is an in-depth study of the social interaction and hierarchy of horses in the wild. The book discusses how the characteristic behavior of the herd has developed in response to the natural selection pressures in their evolution, namely that horses are prey animals and not predators, and how this governs the behavior of domestic horses living together.

This book presents a radically new view of horses’ social relations and organization, a view that inevitably affects how we interpret our interactions with horses. It proposes that horses’ social life and relations developed in response to the natural selection pressures in their evolution: predators. Horses are prey animals.

In itself, of course, the idea that horses are prey animals is by no means new; we have been paying lip service to it for years. Yet we do not seem to have taken its implications seriously: that it is the focal point of the way horses live together. The current interpretation of their social life is that horses interact according to dominance hierarchies, which have nothing to do with predators. Dog Parasites Endangering Human Health

The classic and important studies of feral horse behaviour show that they all adopt more or less the same solution to life’s problems, and introduce us to some terms and concepts. These studies help us see what behaviour is constant in all natural contexts. Although I have not wanted to delve deeply into domestic horse behaviour and lose the thread of the story, I hope that thoughtful horse-owners will find much to reflect on.

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