Dog Parasites Endangering Human Health

 by Heinz Mehlhorn, Christina Strube, October 2020, FileType: PDF

Dog parasites endangering human health

This book presents the latest information on canine parasites with zoonotic potential, to help avoid human infections. Compiled by international specialists, it covers protozoa, ectoparasites and helminth species of clinical importance in dogs, as well as the state of the art in diagnosis, preventive measures and potentially necessary treatment schemes.

Dogs are commonly kept in families around the world and can predispose their human companions to disease. Updating and deepening insights from other specialist literature, the book is intended for practitioners and scientists alike. It also offers practical guidance for veterinary and human physicians and highlights unexplored research areas, making it a valuable resource for students and educated non-experts with an interest in parasitology, infectiology and zoonotic pet diseases.

  • A highly readable resource on canine parasitoses and their zoonotic potential
  • Provides clear advice on symptom recognition and parasitic disease control
  • Describes pet dog diseases and rural wildlife transmission circles
  • Complements existing literature in infection research and pet medicine
  • Reference work for parasitologists as well as veterinary and human physicians

This book offers insights into the recent status of some important worldwide spread of dog parasites belonging to protozoans and helminths which are transmitted either via fecally contaminated food or by bloodsucking insects and ticks. Canine Behavior: Insights and Answers 2nd Edition

In this book, 12 internationally renowned groups of scientists—belonging to the fields of human and animal parasitology as well as to the different fields of biology—contributed peculiar insights into the important dog parasites based on their knowledge obtained during long periods of research in these fields.

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