Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management, 5th Edition

Equine Reproductive Physiology Breeding and Stud Management 5th Edition

by Mina C. G. Davies Morel, Year 2020, File Type: PDF

Equine reproductive physiology, breeding and stud management, 5th edition

This fifth edition of Equine Reproductive Physiology Breeding and Stud Management provides a thorough grounding in equine reproductive anatomy and physiology for equine, animal and veterinary science students. Including all aspects of breeding and stud management, it contains detailed coverage on the management of mares, stallions and foals, as well as stud management practicalities such as infertility, artificial insemination and advanced reproductive techniques. This new edition provides:

– Practical, stud management applications underpinned by scientific research;
– New material on techniques and advances such as in vitro embryo production, cloning, transgenics and DNA technology;
– Increased pedagogic features such as video links, glossary, review questions, and a new internal design.

Updated throughout with new references, this textbook continues to provide an authoritative treatise of equine reproduction for students, practicing veterinary surgeons and stud managers.

The reproductive system of the mare may be considered to consist of extrinsic and intrinsic organs. The extrinsic organs are those associated with control (the hypotha­lamic-pituitary-gonadal axis) and the mammary glands, which are all essential in successful reproduction and will be considered in other chapters, plus the intrinsic organs, which are those that will be considered in this chapter. Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary 5th Edition

The reproductive tract of the mare is a Y-shaped tubular organ with a series of constrictions along its length. The wall of the tract remains largely the same throughout: the outer perimetrium (serosa layer); the central myometrium (outer longitudinal and inner cir­cular muscle layer); and the inner endometrium (outer submucosa and the inner mucosa or epithelial cell layer) lying against the lumen of the tract.

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