Equine Behavioral Medicine

by Bonnie V. Beaver January 2019

Equine Behavioral Medicine provides an essential resource for those who work with, study, and provide care to horses. It provides critical

Equine behavioral medicineknowledge to help users understand the complex aspects of their behavior in order to benefit the animal, observe safe practices, and advance research in this area. The book includes current information on normal horse behavior and problem behaviors, particularly those associated with medical conditions, changes in the nervous system, and the use of drug therapy. Readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the differences of the sensory systems and the concepts of learning that are helpful for successful treatments and safety.

With the use of psychopharmacology becoming increasingly common by veterinarians, including for abnormal behaviors, is important to understand the rationale for the use of these medications. Understanding the intimate relationship between behavior, physiology, and health is key to practitioners, students, professionals, and others who work with, or care for, horses.

  • Pulls together the current published science on equine behavior into chapters covering a variety of specific behavioral topics
  • Features discussion based on an extensive review of the literature
  • Includes a thorough reference list in each chapter for those who might be interested in further research

Dr. Beaver is a veterinarian internationally recognized for her work in animal welfare and in the normal and abnormal behaviors of animals. She has given over 250 scientific presentations on these subjects and has discussed many areas of veterinary medicine for the public media. In addition, she has authored over 150 scientific articles and has nine published books, including Feline Behavior, Canine Behavior, Efficient Livestock Handling (with Don H€oglund), Your Horse’s Health, and Horse Color (with D. Phillip Sponenberg). Her expertise in behavior and welfare has been passionately shared with the students at Texas A&M University and veterinary colleagues worldwide.

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