Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds

Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds by J. Anne Helgren, Updated with the latest information on all recognized feline breeds, this valuable reference source includes a survey of feline history and evolution, a detailed description of the attributes that make a purebred cat, a summary of feline genetics, and an in-depth discussion of conformation, color, and coat.

Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds by J. Anne Helgren

Encyclopedia of cat breeds by j. anne helgren

The breed profiles follow, with each profile accompanied by color photos and a bar graph-style at-a-glance summary of the breed’s characteristics. The book features more than 100 color photos plus handsome line art.

Approximately 45 breeds are profiled, including: Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Bengal, Burmese, Cornish Rex, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Oriental, Persian, Ragdoll, Siamese, Sphynx, Turkish Angora . . . and many others. Added features that will be of interest to all cat fanciers include–

Descriptions of new or experimental breeds Extensive information on the American domestic cat A discussion titled “Which Breed is Right for You?” Advice on choosing a purebred cat Information on entering a cat in shows

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