Horse Hoof Care by Cherry Hill, Americas most trusted equine expert, teams up with Richard Klimesh, a professional farrier and her frequent writing partner, to address the twin topics of hoof care and horseshoeing.

Horse Hoof Care

Horse hoof care 1st edition

Proper hoof care is one of the most important contributors to a horses health and well-being. Without sound, well-maintained hooves, an otherwise healthy horse can become lethargic, grouchy, and sullen. With healthy hooves, a horses noble personality shines.

Help your horse put his best foot forward! Stressing the critical importance of hoof care to your horse’s overall health, this guide covers all aspects of proper hoof maintenance — from dealing with lost shoes, cracks, and thrush to promoting healthy hooves through a balanced diet. With in-depth discussions of hoof anatomy, the role of the farrier, and the importance of daily routines, Horse Hoof Care provides everything you need to know to give your horse a solid foundation of healthy, strong hooves.

This book is filled with beautiful photographs and great information about the health and functionality of hooves–however, I was sorely disappointed with the way trimming hooves is presented. The book only glosses over the process of hoof trimming and instead writes from the perspective that the owner will always be hiring a farrier to do the work for them. I specifically bought the book because I am constantly broadening my knowledge of hoof trimming, so there wasn’t anything at all in the book I could put to practical use.

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