February 22, 2020

Ectoparasites Treatment


Ectoparasites are the organisms which live on the external surface or skin of the animal for food and shelter.

Ectoparasites Treatment

ectoparasites treatment

Mostly are controlled on a flock/herd wide basis. This means that when one animal is diagnosed with external parasites, a dip, dust, or spray is used to treat the problem that animal as well as the entire flock/herd.
Different productus are used to treat ticks, mites and lice etc. some of them are given below along with the doses:

Active Ingredient

Effective Against**Treatments
*MalathionMites, lice, keds0.5% spray; 4% dust
*Lime-sulfurMites, lice, keds2-5% dip
*CoumaphosMites, lice, keds0.05-0.3% spray or dip; 0.5%-1% dust
*PhosmetMites, lice, keds0.15-0.25% dip
*MethoxychlorMites, lice, keds, ticks

0.5% spray or dip; 5% dust


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