March 31, 2020

Hemorrhagic Septicemia vaccination

Hemorrhagic Septicemia is a severe bacterial disease caused by certain strains of Pasteurella multicoda. It primarily affects cattle and water buffalo, but infrequently affects pigs, small ruminants, and other hoof-stock. It is rapidly fatal. The disease is spread through contact with infected animals, contaminated clothing, equipment, and through ingestion or inhalation of the bacteria. Animals under stress or with poor body condition are believed to be more susceptible to P. multicoda infection.

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Vaccination



DiseaseVaccineTime for vaccinationDose rate and Rout of Administration   
Hemorrhagic SepticemiaHSMay-June and November-December5 ml /300 kg s/c
HSOnce a year (Before rainy season)5 ml I/M

Note: Check out dose rate according to your country.

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