Veterinary World herb Handbook

by Geoff D’arcy

Veterinary world herb handbook by geoff darcy

Veterinary World herb handbook by Geoff D’arcy PDF, Veterinarians today report a tremendous increase in the amount of cancer and heart disease in their patients. Younger and younger animals are present-ing with diseases that were rare back in the early 1950’s. Immune system problems, chronic skin and ear allergies, digestive upset, thyroid and adrenal disorders, seizures, gum and teeth problems, degenerative arthritis, kidney and liver failure, heart disease and cancer are all common these days among our animal friends. Vets are reporting more behavioral disorders as well, with more fears and aggression seen in our nation’s 68 million owned dogs and 71 million owned cats. (APPMA 2001-2002) “Dogs resemble the nation which creates them…” stated Gertrude Stein, back in 1940. We must realize that our world today has become dangerous to the health of our animal friends and explore new ways to keep them healthy.

For a modern-day pet there is a high likelihood of coming in contact with toxic pesticides, herbicides and dangerous household chemicals. On a daily basis, pets may be exposed to toxins put on our “green” lawns, chemicals found in puddles on the street, additives and preservatives in their food, and chemicals found in household cleaning products. Foods sold for pets have much lower standards than those for humans and are often devoidDO of enSAGergyE and nutrition, laden chemicals and preservatives, over-processed and boring.

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Equally important, medicines used on animals are often powerful pharmaceu-ticals that may have side-effects that we are often unable to monitor. Even substances used for flea and tick prevention can expose them to extremely poisonous chemicals that can wreak havoc on their immune systems. Vaccina-tions are also under scrutiny. We vaccinate to defend them from the on-slaught of disease, yet as Martin Goldstein, DVM says in The Nature of Animal Healing, “…a growing number of holistic and now even conventional veteri-narians are convinced, from sad experience, that the vaccines they have ad-ministered are doing more harm than good.”

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