Veterinary Technician’s Daily Reference Guide Canine and Feline 3rd Edition PDF. This third edition of Veterinary Technician’s Daily Reference Guide: Canine and Feline continues from the success of the previous editions.

Veterinary Technician’s Daily Reference Guide Canine and Feline 3rd Edition PDF

Veterinary Technician's Daily Reference Guide Canine And Feline 3rd Edition PDF

As our profession continues to grow and demand more of veterinary technicians, this reference guide has done the same. With the obvious inclusion of updated medical information, this third edition contains an expansive amount of more in-depth skill descriptions allowing the technician to reach an even higher level of care.

Its purpose is not to present ideas for the first time but rather to refresh or to expand the veterinary technician’s current knowledge. This manual provides the link between the formal learning environment and the daily clinical setting. The goals are to increase confidence and technical skill and to allow veterinary technicians to provide clear client education.

This book covers all areas of the veterinary technology profession pertinent to canines and felines, from the basics of physical examinations to advanced skills of chemotherapy administration. We are confident that the veterinary technician will find a daily need for this invaluable resource. In the end, it is our goal that this book will facilitate improved care for patients and the owners who rely on experienced veterinary technicians.


Comprehensive Guide. This book was written as a quick reference guide. Its purpose is to assist an already trained and licensed veterinary technician throughout the work day—providing a refresher for a seldom-taken radiograph, for example, or a pharmacology reminder to help answer a client’s question. The veterinary technology student will also find this book useful as a supplement to more in-depth textbooks as they finish training and join the workforce.
Unique Chart and Table Format. The format of this book uses charts and tables for the efficient retrieval of pertinent information. As a result, very little prose text has been included. This unique format leads technicians straight to the answers they need to perform a task quickly.
Extensive Art Program. The art program, which includes more than 300 illustrations and photographs, will provide visual assistance to the technician performing laboratory tests, dentistry, client education, and much more. The color inserts make the artwork very clear and easy to use.
Expansive Indexing. A comprehensive table of contents and references at the beginning and throughout each chapter will ease the movement through this information-rich text.
It is our expectation that this book will be of great assistance to the veterinary technician. Use of this book should result in enhanced performance of a veterinary technician’s duties and, therefore, improved care for patients.

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