Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal 2nd Edition by Tobias, What makes a great surgeon? Great surgeons are thinkers and doers, creative problem solvers and risk takers.

Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal 2nd Edition

Veterinary surgery, small animal, 2nd edition

They are passionate, focused, and dedicated, and they learn from their mistakes. Great surgeons are compassionate to their patients and those who love them. Great surgeons continue to acquire knowledge throughout their careers, and they communicate their knowledge and ideas to others, inspiring future generations to develop new techniques and improve upon old ones.

The authors of Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal, Edition 2, have compiled the wisdom and knowledge of many great veterinary surgeons, anatomists, physiologists, internists, radiologists, and other specialists. And they have added their own wisdom and experiences as they detail the techniques and technical challenges of various procedures. We are so grateful for their commitment to furthering the art and science of veterinary surgery. Veterinary Surgery By Dollar’s

In addition, we would like to recognize the input of our readers, particularly those hardy souls who pored over the first edition in preparation for board certification. Based on that input we added new topics, improved consistency between chapters, corrected errors, redrew figures, and clarified content. As you will see, this textbook is a true collaboration of surgical devotees. We hope the contents of this book will serve not only to educate you, but to inspire you to become the thinker, the doer, the innovator, the great surgeon.

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