Veterinary Secrets: Natural Health For Dogs And Cats PDF. I never intended to author a book of home remedies for dogs and cats, nor did I expect to become a ‘persona non grata’ in the veterinary community.

Veterinary Secrets: Natural Health For Dogs And Cats PDF

Veterinary Secrets Natural Health For Dogs And Cats PDF

In this book you’ll find what you need to know about feeding your pet, vaccines to give and vaccines to avoid, along with specific conventional medications to be wary of. The book offers ways to treat your pet at home with holistic options that can and will likely extend your pet’s life.

Author Says: I came to question current conventional veterinary treatments, and then chose to share my concerns publicly. My veterinary association approached me in 2006, offering a settlement. If I agreed to pay a moderate fine, remove my website and stop selling my eBook, then they would ‘go away’ and let me continue to practice veterinary medicine.

I declined their offer, was subsequently found `guilty`, and resigned my membership as a veterinarian. In this book, Andrew shares some of his personal journey, although I would advise you to read between the lines. A few paragraphs describe how Dr Jones was forced to resign from the profession he loves – can you imagine the trauma this will have caused him and his family? And yet here he is, continuing to stand up and be counted.

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