Veterinary Practice Management 2nd Edition

 By Ignacio Mérida Isla, Published: 2022, FileType: PDF

Veterinary Practice Management 2nd Edition

Veterinary Practice Management 2nd Edition PDF presents veterinary professionals with practical solutions to specific situations they may encounter due to new tendencies influencing the sector. The author gives clear, straightforward, and yet dynamic explanations of topics such as market research, how to form a team and retain staff, business plans and protocols, or how to control expenditure.

The book has also been updated with the know-how required to get the most out of the new technologies and digital tools now available to veterinary practices (social media, digital marketing, etc.). The book aims to introduce veterinary professionals who own a practice to the management skills that can empower them to become cutting-edge veterinary entrepreneurs. Modern Veterinary Practice Management

This is not a veterinary practice management book. This is a book about change. If you are ready to change, this book will help you; if not, better stop reading now and put this book back on the shelf.

Veterinary medicine in Spain is living in turbulent times, and is beset by an identity problem. Currently we have more means at our disposal, diagnostic and therapeutic advances put us in a privileged position and, nevertheless, an economic crisis and a reputational problem (backed by years of abusive practices by many “professionals”) mean that many practices face closure.

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