Modern Veterinary Practice Management

Modern Veterinary Practice Management

By Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller, Year October 19, 2013, FileType: PDF

Modern veterinary practice management

The book “Modern Veterinary Practice Management” by Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller represents a comprehensive, well-structured reference book on veterinary practice management not to be missed, if one starts a new veterinary entity or if one is looking to improve the business of an existing one of any size or type.

Modern Veterinary Practice Management contains a lot of advice on running the veterinary practice smoothly, efficiently and successfully by taking its financial performance to the maximum benefit into account without compromising on excellent veterinary medical service for the clients. It transforms the modern business management knowledge into an easy step-by-step improvement approach for the everyday veterinary practice work.

Its novel synthesis between practical everyday application and theoretical business management background information provides its audience with an insight into the workings of veterinary practices, clinics and hospitals based on many years of experience as a veterinarian and business woman. The reference book has been written for veterinarians, veterinary practice managers, veterinary students as well as veterinary technicians, practice administrators and practice associates.

“Modern Veterinary Practice Management” covers all relevant topics ranging from changes in veterinary practice management, operations management, finances and budgeting, marketing, administration, human resources and IT. It is illustrated with tables and diagrams to facilitate an easier understanding of topics, which may be regarded as remote but will prove crucial to the entity’s survival, i.e. finances, leadership or the quest for excellence.

Written by Dr. med. vet. Margit Gabriele Muller MBA, managerial and veterinary Director of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the world largest veterinary hospital specialized on the treatment of birds of prey, this outstanding book draws on her long personal day to day experience in growing the entity from a small practice-sized clinic to its world-class status today. Get Free: Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant 4th Edition

In her dual role as the experienced hospital manager and world-wide renowned veterinary specialist in avian medicine Dr. Muller not only understands the specific requirements of modern veterinary practices but has implemented the tools described in the reference book in her everyday work at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital and makes her broad experience available for you.

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