Veterinary Medical Education A Practical Guide 2nd Edition

By Jennifer L. Hodgson, Jacquelyn M. Pelzer, Jennifer L. Hodgson, Jacquelyn M. Pelzer

Veterinary medical education a practical guide 2nd edition

Veterinary Medical Education A Practical Guide PDF, yet complete reference to all aspects of veterinary medical education??

Veterinary Medical Education: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition offers a comprehensive reference to all aspects of veterinary medical education, providing concrete guidance for instructors in a variety of settings. The book gives real-world, practical, veterinary-specific advice on all aspects of designing and implementing a veterinary curriculum. This Second Edition includes new and expanded information on widening access on admissions, competency-based veterinary education, academic advising and student support, eLearning, transition to practice and career opportunities, educational leadership and global veterinary education.

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This revised edition has been significantly enhanced and updated, featuring twelve new chapters and many expanded chapters. It includes diagrams, figures, and informational boxes that highlight key points, clarify concepts, provide helpful tips and evidence from the literature, and examples of educational innovations that could be adopted in veterinary programs. Veterinary Medical Education covers:

  • Student selection, including widening access
  • Curricular innovations and competency-based veterinary education
  • Learning theories, eLearning, and their application in the classroom
  • Teaching in clinical and non-clinical settings and creating safe, inclusive learning environments
  • Programmatic and technology-enhanced assessment, academic advising and study skills, coaching, and mentoring
  • Professionalism and professional identity, cultural humility, and transition to practice
  • Program evaluation, educational leadership, and global trends

With comprehensive coverage of the field and a wealth of new and updated information, the Second Edition of Veterinary Medical Education is an indispensable resource for anyone involved with veterinary education, including instructors and faculty at veterinary colleges, continuing education instructors, veterinary technology instructors, and veterinarians training in internships and residencies.

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