Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology, 3rd Edition

The publication of Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology, 3rd Edition coincides with an increased presence of epidemiologic concepts and methods in the practice literature, which continues to be the gold standard for the book’s topical coverage.

Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology, 3rd Edition

Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology Third Edition
An underlying premise of the book is that patient-based research is epidemiologic research. Clinical epidemiology provides the scientific basis for the conduct and interpretation of patient-based research. It logically follows that the users of this information, veterinary students and practitioners, be skilled in its application to patient care. This approach to medical decision making is formalized in the practice of evidence-based medicine. Evidence-based medicine is increasingly important in an age where Internet-savvy consumers have ready access to an abundance of unfiltered animal health information and medical claims. Veterinary Clinical Pathology An Introduction

In preparing this edition, I have updated the numerous examples of epidemiology in veterinary practice appearing throughout the book. Examples come from around the world, and as a result, journal representation has been greatly expanded. There is increased coverage of hypothesis testing, survey design and sampling, and epidemiologic concepts related to the practice of evidence-based medicine.

Some chapters, such as those dealing with the evaluation and use of diagnostic tests, risk assessment, causality, and statistics, have been extensively reorganized and rewritten to improve clarity. The identification of clinically relevant reports was facilitated by the Veterinary Information Network’s (VIN) weekly “Clinical Updates from the Journals.” Examples have been chosen that are exemplary of both epidemiologic methodology and issues of current importance in veterinary practice.

It is hoped that this book will help anyone working in the field of animal health to critically evaluate their own experiences and those of others, as reported in the medical literature and other forums. The numerous examples appearing in this and previous editions should be useful for instructors seeking examples of the application of epidemiology in veterinary practice.

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