Vaccines in Small Animals 1st Edition

Vaccines in Small Animals 1st Edition

From: Fernando Fariñas Guerrero, Marisa Palmero Colado, Rafael Astorga Márquez
ISBN: 9788417640996
2020, Edra
Pages: 192

Vaccines in small animals 1st edition

Correct vaccination of dogs and cats requires consideration of a broad range of clinical situations and vaccination options, and obliges veterinary surgeons to constantly update their knowledge in order to appropriately deal with the challenges that arise in daily clinical practice.

Using a thoroughly practical approach, this book takes an in-depth look at vaccines and vaccination to provide veterinary professionals with the information they require to address the many doubts and questions that arise in relation to this topic. Free Download: Vaccines for Veterinarians 1st Edition

1. Unit 1: Basic vaccinology
Chapter 1. Immunological aspects of vaccination
Chapter 2. Characteristics, types, and composition of vaccines
Chapter 3. Immunisation failures
Chapter 4. Introduction to vaccine reactions
Chapter 5. Frequently asked questions about small animal vaccination

2. Unit 2: Canine vaccination
Chapter 6. Parvovirus vaccine failure: myths and realities
Chapter 7. Vaccination against leptospirosis
Chapter 8. Rabies vaccination
Chapter 9. Vaccine protocols
Chapter 10. Vaccination in special circumstances
Chapter 11. Vaccination against Leishmania

3. Unit 3: Feline vaccination
Chapter 12. Vaccination against feline retroviruses
Chapter 13. Vaccination against feline infectious peritonitis
Chapter 14. Vaccination against calicivirus
Chapter 15.Vaccination against herpesviruses
Chapter 16. Vaccination against panleukopaenia
Chapter 17. Vaccination against feline chlamydiosis
Chapter 18. Feline vaccination protocol
Chapter 19. Frequently asked questions about feline vaccination

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