Urinalysis in the Dog and Cat PDF

By Dennis J. Chew, Patricia A. Schenck, Published: 2023, FileType: PDF

Urinalysis in the dog and cat pdf

“Superficially it might be said that the function of the kidneys is to make urine, but in a more considered view one can say that the kidneys make the stuff of philosophy itself.” Homer William Smith: A Memoir, New York University Press 1965; Homer Smith: The Evolution of the Kidney, Lectures on the Kidney 1943.

The primary intent for this book “Urinalysis in the Dog and Cat” is for it to be a useful reference which will allow practicing veterinarians to more fully recognize abnormal findings, and to understand, integrate, and interpret the results from a urinalysis to improve their understanding of their patient’s illnesses. Except for guidelines on how to mitigate renal proteinuria (Chapter 7), the treatment of specific conditions is not the goal of this book. Practical Veterinary Urinalysis PDF Download

Rather, the numerous images of urinary sediment in Urinary Microscopy (Chapter 6) and Atlas (Chapter 8) along with their detailed legends are presented to help veterinary technicians and attending veterinarians more accurately identify abnormal elements, from both manual and automated in‐house urinalysis. Similarly, veterinary students should find these images useful, allowing them to more confidently identify elements during urine microscopy. There is additional value to this book when it is read by clinicians wanting a greater understanding of their patients by revealing how findings from urinalysis could help improve the diagnosis and management of cases in primary care and specialty practices. This book should also prove useful during clinical training of residents in internal medicine and in clinical pathology.

In addition to detailed pathophysiology, I provide nuggets of clinically useable information throughout the chapters. When appropriate, nuts and bolts technical information has been provided (e.g. how to set up for urine microscopy). Pitfalls are also identified, explaining what can go wrong when performing or evaluating the results of a urinalysis, whether considering physical, chemical, and/or microscopic properties.

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