This new volume both combines two previous ASM Press books (Immunology of Infectious Diseases and The Innate Immune Response to Infection), integrating the innate immune response and the adaptive immune response to infection into a synthetic narrative, and bring everything up to date, incorporating the numerous important developments that have occurred in this most dynamic sub-discipline of microbiology.

The Immune Response to Infection

The immune response to infection

These books now urgently need updating because the knowledge base in immunology, as well as with all types of infectious agents, has expanded dramatically. The present volume, The Immune Response to Infection, covers all aspects of innate and adaptive immune mechanisms and describes how they interact with pathogens of different types, resulting in either success or failure to control infection and clinical disease. This volume also emphasizes how our understanding of mechanistic events is leading the design and production of more effective prophylactic and therapeutic control measures for infectious agents.

Most of the chapters here consider host-pathogen interactions in the context of the broad divisions of the microbial world—either viruses, bacteria, or parasites—and do not confine their discussion to any individual pathogen. The exceptions are for the agents of the “big three” infectious diseases—HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria—which account for almost one-third of human deaths from infections, as well as influenza, which is the focus of much media and public attention. We have also included chapters that consider the detrimental sequelae of infection that are an indirect result of the infectious process, such as chronic inflammation, cancer, and autoimmunity. Finally, all of the chapters emphasize the special at-tributes that make pathogens difficult to control, and they appraise the prospects of current and future prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

We hope that this book, which comprises the rich variety of aspects of infection and immunity, helps to further pro-mote the important relationship between immunology and medical microbiology.

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