The Dog: A Natural History PDF. In this book, we hope to show you the dog from many different perspectives. Dogs are descendants of extinct wolf like canines, so they share many features with their wild cousins.

The Dog: A Natural History PDF

The Dog: A Natural History PDF

Dogs also have a long and specific history with humans, and generations of dogs have witnessed how our societies have changed in the last 3,000–4,000 years. And, despite the fact that our relationship with dogs has become more intimate in some ways, dogs still remain dogs, in a good sense.

So, we need to know about their biology: how they see, hear, and smell, and how they interact with one other and with humans, showing a wide array of sophisticated behavioral signals for communication. Dog owners have to become aware of the mental abilities of their companions in order to provide them with the necessary challenges to keep their minds sharp and active.

This also ensures that dogs have a good quality of life during aging, as a more experienced and skillful dog has a lower chance of showing cognitive decline when it gets older.
We hope that this book, which includes some of the newest insights from dog science, will help you, the reader, to respect your companion even more, or encourage you to find one of these wonderful partners to share your life with.

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