Diseases of Sheep 4th Edition PDF

Diseases of Sheep 4th Edition PDF. The first edition of this book in 1983 was spearheaded by Dr W.B. Martin, the then Director of the Moredun Research Institute.

Diseases of Sheep 4th Edition PDF

Diseases Of Sheep 4th Edition PDF

It had two main purposes – first to remedy the current dearth of readily accessible information on sheep diseases and second, through royalty income, to assist the Institute’s parent body (the Animal Diseases Research Association) in its bid to purchase additional grazing land at Gilmerton, the Institute’s original site. Both objectives were met.

At Bill’s invitation I joined him as co-editor for the second and third editions, both of which incorporated new knowledge on the causes and control of diseases and widened international coverage to major sheep-producing areas of the world. In that, we were fortunate in enlisting the support of colleagues both at home and abroad, many of whom had links with Moredun as scientific collaborators or visitors. When a fourth edition was suggested we were encouraged by initial soundings of former contributors but, sadly, Bill died before the work was formally commissioned. As a personal tribute to a friend and professional colleague I accepted editorship of this new edition.

While none involved would claim that the coverage is comprehensive in every particular, together, the 75 chapters of this edition provide an authoritative source of information for veterinarians, sheep specialists and others for whom sheep health and welfare has importance. The last two decades have seen a burgeoning of printed and electronic output in the animal health field generally and it is gratifying that Diseases of Sheep continues to be well regarded by a demanding readership. Bill Martin would have appreciated that and I trust that this new edition upholds the reputation of its forerunners.

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